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MORE ON HAIR CARE on the Costa Blanca

:: About conditioning-continued

…In turn this will lead to healthy, shiny, flexible hair that has the ability to hold a style and blowdry. Once the hair becomes dry it is no longer flexible. Much like the skin when it is in a healthy moisturised state you can move your skin with ease. When however it is dry, movement is more difficult and results in cracking. In order to avoid this, regularly use a good quality deep conditioning treatment or mask.

A conditioning treatment is different to a conditioner as it penetrates deeper into the hair (the cortex) and artificially replaces any lost moisture. It is very important during the summer to use conditioning treatments or visit your salon to have them done whilst having a cut and blowdry.

:: All Products Are Not The Same

Salon products may initially seem more expensive but the quality and therefore the effectiveness is much higher. The products are usually more concentrated, resulting in you needing to use less. So better quality products equal better quality hair with the cost a fraction more than for a less effective product.

:: Sun, Sea and … Chlorine

Whenever you go into the sea or pool, ensure that you wet you hair first in order to dilute the harshness of the salt or chlorinated water. Always rinse when you get out and either cover your head with a hat or scarf or apply an appropriate sun protection spray product with a sun protection factor.
There is a specific sun care range of products that you can use to protect, remove salt and chlorine and moisture summer hair. These products contain strengthening and hydratinging ingredients – we stock the Redkin and Schwarzkopf range as we find these the most effective.

:: Miracle Morrocan Oil

Morrocanoil products are exceptionally effective in revitalising tired, dry hair, and also as daily maintenance to ensure that your hair remains moisturised and healthy. Labelled as “miracle drops” the oil is suitable for use on all hair types and gives incredible condition, hydration, shine and manageability. It is instantly absorbed and helps eliminate frizz, easily detangles, and provides long term conditioning for added bounce. Once tried you´ll appreciate how incredible this range of products is. As you can tell by now, we firmly believe in it and we now stock the introductory 25 ml trial size. Also available is a shampoo, daily conditioner, intensive mask, shine spray and curl definer.

:: We Love It

Another great product to rehydrate and nourish the hair resulting in transforming it to healthy, shiny and easy to manage is the keratin treatment or Brazillian blowdry as it is also known. This product is made of keratin, a protein based product which is the hair´s natural strength. It restores the hair’s condition but doesn’t change the genetic makeup. It is ideal to use in restoring the hair’s natural lustre after a long summer of sun, salt and chlorine or before the summer to make hair maintenance quicker and easier, or indeed throughout the whole year as it makes hair more manageable, easy to style and frizz free as it tames the hair naturally without strong chemicals, the benefits of which last for 3-5 months depending on the type of hair.

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