English Hairdresser, Hair Salon in Denia, Contact and Map


Contact Information

Coast-Hair Peluquería
Denia Centro de Fitness
Calle Impresors Botella 6
03700 Denia
t : +34 661072219
e : hair at coast-hair.esFacebook Coast-Hair


coast-hair is situated in Denia, inside the gym Denia Centro de Fitness.

You can search “coast hair denia” in Google Maps or follow these directions :

Entering Denia from the motorway / Ondara.
You will see Casa then Carrefour on your right, and McDonalds on your left.
At the roundabout, with a large turquoise and white Chinese bazaar called Hiper Denia, take the 3rd exit off , it will be the exit before you double back on yourself to go past McDonalds.

As you come off the roundabout you will see a big white building on your right called Montgó pinturas Then a shop called Valora in front of you. TURN RIGHT IN FRONT of Valora and follow the road round to Denia Centro de Fitness.

You can park in the car park or park on the road.
Caost Hair salon is inside the gym, Denia Centro de Fitness.
Once inside the gym go up the stairs on the right and keep going straight until you get to us.